Interested in the topic of veganism for your organization, school, or just personally? The VSL offers a series of workshops and presentations around animal rights, environmentalism, health, cooking, and more.

Please book your presentation/workshop at least one month in advance by sending us an email at and describing in detail your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Going vegan, the dos and don’ts – For people who recently became vegan, or people who are interested in transitioning towards a plant-based diet.

This presentation offers practical advice to vegan beginners in terms of frequently asked questions around switching to a plant-based diet. Additionally, we talk about being vegan in Luxembourg, vegan food and non-food products, vegan travelling, supplements, and vegan recipes.

Duration: 40 or 60 min
Price: €100
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Where: online or in person

Veganism and sustainability – For companies or other organizations who want to offer an informational event/workshop to their employees or clients.

The focus of this presentation is the ecological and environmental aspects of veganism. We cover the negative impact of the consumption of animal products on the environment.

Duration: 40 or 60 min
Price: €100
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Where: online or in person

Vegan nutrition discovery and food tasting  For companies and other organizations that want to offer their employees/clients an informational event, or for anyone interested in discovering the basics of vegan nutrition.

We talk about the advantages of a healthy vegan nutrition, the existing vegan products in Luxembourg, vegan restaurants, vegan cooking and vegan recipes. At the end, we offer samples of vegan food products.

Duration: 40 min + tasting
Price: €100 + food samples
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Where: in person

Sustainable nutrition for schools and under 18 years old.

This presentation explains the impacts of the consumption of animal products on the environment, and how to consume and cook sustainably.

Duration: 50 or 100 min
Price: €100
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Where: online or in person

Carnism: the psychology of eating meat – For anyone interested in the subject.

This presentation explores the concept of carnism, which is the invisible ideology that conditions people to eat only certain animals. It’s a psychological belief system built upon different defense mechanisms such as psychic numbing, denial and avoidance, as well as a series of myths and the 3 N’s of justification: consuming animals is normal, natural and necessary.

Duration: 40 minutes
Price: €100
Languages: EN, DE
Where: online or in person