About us

About us

What brought us together is the belief that we can positively help to shape the change of the societal attitude towards the animals and the environment. Our main ambition is to support the development of veganism in Luxembourg in order to allow a healthier and more ethical consumption for the good of all living beings and our environment. Love, compassion and respect for all living beings and the Earth are guiding our work.

COMMITTEE 2021-2022




Vice President




Vice Secretary

benjamin bendetto


Daniel schweitzer

Vice Treasurer

carole souvignier

Committee member


Committee member

donato settanni

Committee member

Your help is needed!

You can support the VSL in many ways: through a donation, by becoming a member or helping at our events. Thanks to your support, we can regularly organize various events and raise awareness, inform people or just show that veganism can be creative, tasteful, funny and social.

The more members the better

The more members an organization has, the more say it gets in political and business matters.
Through your annual contribution, we can organize campaigns and do lobbying.

Political partners

Together we are strong! Therefore, the Vegan Society Luxembourg attaches great importance to international cooperation with other organizations and platforms.

Votum Klima

‘Votum Klima’ – an initiative of Caritas Luxembourg, Action Solidarité Tiers Monde, Mouvement Ecologique and Greenpeace – shows that the climate and energy policy reversal of Luxembourg is possible!

The Votum Climate platform, founded in 2009, is sponsored by the following 26 non-governmental organizations in the United Kingdom: Aid for the Defense of India, Action Public Transport, the Association of Soutien aux Travailleurs lmmigrés (ASTI), Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM) ATTAC Luxembourg, Bio-Luxembourg, Bridderlech Share, Caritas Luxembourg, Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL), Cercle de Coopération, Conference of the Jeunesse Luxembourgeoise (CGJL), Catholic Church in Luxembourg, Ethics, Eurosolar Luxembourg, Fairtrade Luxembourg, Frères the Hommes, Greenpeace Luxembourg, Handicap International, the Commission Justitia et Pax, the Luxembourg Velocity Initiative, Mouvement Ecologique, nature & environment, SOS Faim Luxembourg, UNICEF, Vegan Society Luxembourg.

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