About us

About us

The mission of the Vegan Society Luxembourg (VSL) asbl. is to promote veganism, through educating and raising awareness on the positive impact of a vegan lifestyle on animal rights, our environment as well as our health. The VSL supports the development of veganism to fight animal cruelty and exploitation, to lower our carbon footprint, to reduce the effects of climate change and to reduce the risks of health issues. A registered non-profit organization, the VSL organizes various public activities and events in the social, political and educational field.

Meet our 2022-2023 committee

BARBARA UJLAKI – president

I became vegan for the animals in 2016 when I was living in Tokyo and learned about the hidden realities of the egg and dairy industry, after being a vegetarian since the age of 11. A legal professional with a love for Japan, cats and croissants, I’m also a self-professed vegan cheese expert. Driven by my love for all animals as well as my passion for animal rights advocacy, I joined the VSL to promote veganism in order to reduce animal suffering.

Carine Ury – vice president

I became vegan in 2013 when I was living in Scotland. I became vegan because I consider myself a compassionate human being. Not extending that compassion towards non-human animals, when knowing that they feel pain and suffering was not acceptable, especially after learning about the cruelties that are being done to them on a daily basis. I am in the VSL committee because I like being around like-minded people. In my professional life, I work as a school librarian and try to include books about veganism and sustainable lifestyles in my library so that the next generation has all the resources they need. In my personal life, I am a vivid language enthusiast, solo traveller, food saver and cat lover.

Nathalie jeneral – Secretary

I became vegan in 2019, during the pregnancy of my third child, after watching the documentary “The Game Changers”. As an international, legal professional, full-time working mum, I am and was very interested in nutrition, healthy lifestyle and sports. I always thought I had to eat meat to get my protein. I did my research and discovered that this was a lie. Instead all proteins originate from plants and the animal is just the middleman. I started to gradually incorporate more and more plants, which ended up in a whole-food plant-based diet and a lot of passion for new meals.  Meanwhile, I learned a lot about a plant-based lifestyle and how to live sustainably and live without any animal products (e.g. even in household supplies, clothing or beauty products). I joined the VSL to contribute to raising awareness on these topics.

Pierre Touzet – vice Secretary

I became vegan in 2020. After being vegetarian for two years, I started looking into the other areas in which we exploit animals, such as the egg, dairy, and fashion industries. It became obvious to me that if I wanted to live by my values, I could no longer finance these atrocities. It also opened my eyes to animal rights and anti-speciesism. I strongly believe that in the society we live in, being vegan is a moral obligation. And I also believe that through awareness and education, we can slowly shift our society to a vegan one. Among my other interests are spirituality, personal development, indie music and technology.


I am a father and have been vegan for nearly 2.5 years now. I proudly switched within one day from omnivore to vegan. The reason was initially the health benefits but thanks to my life partner, I broadened my perspective on animal suffering and environmentalism. I am working in the financial sector and confess having a few addictions : CrossFit, coffee and dark chocolate. If you don’t know me yet, you probably already know my focaccia. And If not, what are you waiting for to attend the next event?

MADALINA VATAVU – vice treasurer

I became vegan in 2019, right after moving to Luxembourg from my home country to start my career in finance. After watching several documentaries on the scary realities behind the meat, dairy and egg industries, veganism became the only logical choice for me. As time went by, cooking vegan foods turned into a big and rewarding passion. There are few things that I love as much as sharing a delicious vegan meal with others, especially non-vegans. Psychology, nature, meditation and yoga are among my few other passions.

NATALIA BILICI – Committee member

I have been volunteering for the VSL since 2018 and am herewith the “oldest” committee member. The fundamental values that I share with the vegan movement are justice, non violence and respect for life in all its forms. I am a proud holder of an unconventional mind and of a PhD degree in linguistics. In my daily job that I love a lot I support refugees in their linguistic integration. My interests are centred around the brain and the belly – vegan cuisine, psychology, dynamic variations of yoga, good reads and metal.

MALOU KREINS – committee member

​​I am very interested in nature and all the animals we share our planet with. I have been volunteering for about 20 years in different organizations for the prevention of cruelty towards animals. Within the VSL committee, I would like to help organise events and find new partners that are vegan-friendly. I want to bring people together who share the same ideas and spend good moments together. I am also keen to support people transitioning to veganism who have questions and doubts about being vegan. I have worked as a medical technical radiographer since 1999, I am married, I have 1 adoptive daughter, and share my house with many older dogs and cats.

VIKTORIA UJLAKI – Committee member

I decided to become vegetarian at the age of 12 and vegan in 2019 while living in Australia. My main driver is animal welfare but I’m also advocating for the health and food security benefits of a plant-based diet. In my job as an independent management consultant, I advise private and public organisations on strategy and large-scale transformation projects. I believe that businesses play a key part in the progress of veganism. As a VSL committee member, my objective is to support our business partners in this mission.

Daniel Didier – co–opted Committee member

I became vegan in 2015. One day, I saw a documentary called „Earthlings“ and immediately decided that I did not want to harm animals anymore. After that, I did a lot of research. In the beginning, I only changed my diet to a plant-based one, but after a while I started changing my clothes and cosmetics to become fully vegan. I was so shocked by the animal industry that I became involved in international animal safe organisations. I am happy to have found my place in the VSL team.

Your help is needed!

You can support the VSL in many ways: by becoming a member, through a donation or by helping with our activities. Thanks to your support, we can regularly organize various events and raise awareness on veganism, inform people or just show that veganism can be easy, tasty and meaningful.

The more members the better reach we have.

The more members an organization has, the more say it gets in political, social, educational and business matters.
Through your annual contribution, we can organize campaigns and do lobbying.

Political partners

Together we are strong! Therefore, the Vegan Society Luxembourg attaches great importance to international cooperation with other organizations and platforms.

Votum Klima

‘Votum Klima’ – an initiative of Caritas Luxembourg, Action SolidaritĂ© Tiers Monde, Mouvement Ecologique and Greenpeace – shows that the climate and energy policy reversal of Luxembourg is possible!

The Votum Climate platform, founded in 2009, is sponsored by the following 26 non-governmental organizations in the United Kingdom: Aid for the Defense of India, Action Public Transport, the Association of Soutien aux Travailleurs lmmigrés (ASTI), Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM) ATTAC Luxembourg, Bio-Luxembourg, Bridderlech Share, Caritas Luxembourg, Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL), Cercle de Coopération, Conference of the Jeunesse Luxembourgeoise (CGJL), Catholic Church in Luxembourg, Ethics, Eurosolar Luxembourg, Fairtrade Luxembourg, Frères the Hommes, Greenpeace Luxembourg, Handicap International, the Commission Justitia et Pax, the Luxembourg Velocity Initiative, Mouvement Ecologique, nature & environment, SOS Faim Luxembourg, UNICEF, Vegan Society Luxembourg.